Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Die before your death

Die before your death
By: Yasmin Mogahed

Tell me I can get lost

Tell me I can lose myself in your Presence

In the overwhelming moment of real submission

Tell me I can remain forever broken

In You

For You

With You.

Tell me I can remain here forever

Away, while still here.

Did not the Prophet say: “die before your death”?

At first I thought maybe it was only a reminder to remember our meeting with You.

But then I thought how I wish I could die before my death:
Have a soul that is no longer in this life—even while the body must remain.

A heart that is freed from the shackles of dunya—even while the body must walk its streets.

Have a nafs that is in complete rest and satisfaction with its’ Lord, even while the crumbling shell remains.

A soul that is already there—even before it is there.

A soul detached .

A nafs mutmainah—in the truest and deepest and realest sense (Quran 89:27)

For as the great scholar said, rahimahuAllah, “he who does not enter the paradise of this life, will not enter the paradise of the next.“


  1. Salam Yasmin...just wanted to drop a comment...

    a friend had a quote of something u had said as her gchat status and credited "yasmin mogahed"... i cant remember what the quote was but it mustve been good bc i looked you up on youtube and ive been watching/reading all ur lectures for the past few hrs!

    mashallah may Allah swt reward you for what you are doing for His sake alone. It is very rare to find a knowledgeable well-spoken sister giving a lecture. You’re a great role-model! Thank you!

  2. Asslaamu Alaikum Sister Yasmin

    I checked you video out on Suhaib Webb. Mashallah great stuff.

    I am one of the executive members of MSA Cape (South Africa) - we just had on 2011 RIS Conference this weekend.

    Sad thing, we only had 1 female speaker. Inshallah wanted to know if it's possible for you to come to Cape Town, SA?

    We will cover flight & accommodation costs.

    Keep well
    Khalil Aleker

  3. Wa alaikum assalam Br. Khalil,

    You can reach me at to discuss details, insha Allah.